The Benefits of Bunk Beds

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If you’re a parent, your child has likely asked you for a bunk bed at some point – if not incessantly, for hours, upon weeks, upon months – maybe even years.

Besides your child’s joy upon obtaining this much-coveted item, what are the benefits of you finally giving in and getting your child the bunk bed of their dreams?

Bunk beds are space savers.

Providing the same number of spaces for siblings to sleep in – or for your child and their visiting friends – as a double bed. However, the bunk bed has the added benefit of only taking up half the square footage of a double bed, or two single beds, meaning that you can make use of more of the room, or simply maintain a spacious aesthetic in your home.

More than this, a number of bunk beds on the market have built-in storage under the bed. Not only does this increase the structural integrity of the bunk bed, but it means you don’t need an excess of additional furniture in the room, to store your child’s toys or clothes.

Bunk beds can improve the aesthetic of your home.

There are an infinite number of different bunk beds on the market for you to choose from, and at MK furnishings you can even purchase a bespoke bunk bed, to perfectly fit with the style and décor of your home.

So, you don’t need to worry about your child’s bunk bed being an out-of-place eyesore that looks out of place in your home – just be sure to choose a bespoke bunk bed that suits you.

Bunk beds are typically cheaper than two single beds.

While bed bunks economise the space in your home well, they’re also an economic choice, and a relief to your bank account.

Of course, there’s a huge amount of variation in price depending on the bunk bed you choose, but the price of one bunk bed should always come under the price of two single beds, which is perfect for siblings who share a room – but still want the privacy of separate sleeping areas.

Bunk beds are the pièce de résistance of any sleepover.

While bunk beds are perfect for siblings, they’re even better for sleepovers.

Bunk beds allow your children to use a greater area of their room This means that more blow-up beds, or camp beds, can be squeezed into the area when their friends stay over – or to play all the games they can think of, in the extra space.

Your child’s bunk bed is sure to make their sleepovers the stuff of legends.

Bunk beds are safer than ever.

Invented over half a millennium ago, woodworkers and craftsmen have had a long time to improve the bunk bed’s design, to ensure that they’re as safe as they can be, and the wood that bespoke craftsmen use to create the bunk beds is super strong.

For the over-anxious parent however, you can test the strength of the bunk bed periodically to set your mind at ease.

It’ll keep your kids happy.

If your kids have been harassing you for some time with their obsessive desire for a bunk bed, you won’t have to deal with this anymore (well, at least for a few months, until they acquire their next new obsession).

So, if you’ve been won round to the idea of getting your child a bunk bed, make sure to choose the very best bunk bed you can find, at a price that suits you.

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