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three bed bunk beds

Two and three bed bunk beds in the UK are a great space-saving furniture option, especially for children’s bedrooms, where you have to make room for every kid and their needs. Plus, kids mostly love the idea of a bunk bed as they find it fun and exciting. When exploring bunk bed designs, you might wonder if you should get a DIY bunk bed or not. Certainly, you can build a bunk bed on your own, but you will need some handy ideas and expert tips for proper assembling. At the same time, it’s important to know that professional fitting is undoubtedly the best choice if you’re an amateur.

This blog will share some simple yet trendy ideas and tips for your DIY space saving triple bunk bed. Hop in to read till the end and get some great ideas to get inspired.

Ideas for DIY Bunk Bed

Build a Loft Bunk Bed

Build a loft bunk bed while leaving the bottom space empty. Later, you can customize the bottom space for a DIY study desk or DIY cupboards. In the meantime, you can place another mattress at the bottom (not attached to the bed frame). And you can keep it that way for as long as you like. Moreover, bunk beds with pull out beds come handy when you have guests over.

DIY an L-Shaped Bunk

An idea that never goes wrong is an L-shaped bunk, which can instantly make the kids’ bedroom stylish while maximizing space. Build two separate single beds, one at the bottom and the other at the top, to complete the ‘L-shape.’ And don’t forget to add a sturdy ladder for the top bunk.

Make a Pipe-Style Bunk Bed

One of the simplest DIY bunk designs is a pipe-style double bunk bed. You can get some pipes and fittings and securely fix them to the walls. Make sure the pipes are well-tightened and are not moving. You’ll be pleased to know that these metal pipe bunks are quite sturdy, lightweight, and very durable.

DIY Car-Style Bunk Bed

Most kids have a great passion for cars, specifically sports cars. When you get a DIY bunk bed, you can get a wooden sheet and carve it to resemble a car design for the outer side of the bed. Paint the sheet using the kid’s favorite color and add details like windows, headlights, and door handles.

You can also get a big car design printed on a sticker sheet and carve the wood to its size. Add some real rubber tires and rims and drill them into the bed legs for a more realistic look. We can tell you that the children will love this customized DIY bunk bed in their room.

Tips for DIY Bunk Beds

When you get a DIY bunk bed in the UK, it is most likely simple, which may appear boring to kids. Here are some tips to make the bunk bed and the bedroom appealing to kids:

Add Some Texture

Hang paintings or framed pictures near kids’ three bed bunk bed. Plus, the kids will love it if you use bedsheets with their favourite cartoon or superhero characters.

Use Ceiling Hanging Decor

Ceiling decor can instantly transform a boring bedroom into a pretty one. You can find butterflies, stars, moon, or colorful origami with fairy lights for the aesthetic dim lights.

DIY Small Box

Not all, but many kids love to read before they sleep. Customize a small DIY box on the outer side of each bed. These small shelves will help the kids to keep their bedtime storybooks and read whenever they want.

Pros and Cons of DIY Bunk Bed

Pros of DIY Bunk Beds

Pocket-Friendly: Being light on the pocket is the top advantage of DIY space saving triple bunk beds. It costs less than buying a bunk bed and still fit your needs perfectly.

Unique Designs: When you build your bunk bed, you can bring your creativity to life and design an extraordinary bunk. The bunk bed can be a one-of-a-kind unless you share it online for reference.

Easily Customizable: In a DIY three bed bunk bed, you can let your intuitive thoughts win and add personalize it to your choice. Customizing the design and decor will add meaning to a lifeless piece of furniture with your feelings involved in building it.

Cons of DIY Bunk Beds

A Complicated Task: A DIY bunk bed might sound simple, but it is not easy. It needs proper calculation and planning to be executed the way you manifest, especially when designing a complicated design such as bunk beds with pull out bed.

Time-Consuming: No doubt, DIY projects are quite time-consuming and are tough for people who are mostly busy with their jobs.

Chances of Falling Flat: For people inexperienced in wood carving and furniture DIYs, there are chances that things might not go as planned. What we mean is that the likelihood of the DIY bunk bed project falling flat is not out of the question.

Hazards: If you have not made or assembled a DIY bunk bed before, it may look good initially, but could be at a risk for potential hazards. Thus, it’s better to get a ready-made bunk bed or let the professional fitters do the job.

If you were confused between buying or building a bunk bed in the UK, the above guide must have made the decision easier for you. However, consider the pros and cons of DIY bunk beds and then only get started with the project. Customize the design, hang origami, decorate the bunk bed, and create a masterpiece that will amaze your kids at the very first sight.

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three bed bunk beds
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Should I Get a DIY Bunk Bed

Two and three bed bunk beds in the UK are a great space-saving furniture option, especially for children’s bedrooms, where you have to make room

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