Safety Tips for Using 3 Bed Bunk Beds in Kids’ Rooms

3 bed bunk beds

Triple bunk beds UK have become one of the most popular choices of beds among families with more than two kids. However, most 3 bed bunk beds are quite high and have one high-sleeper bed at least. This usually worries parents concerned about their children’s safety when sleeping in trio bunk beds. You can prevent accidents by considering the necessary safety tips for using triple bunk beds in kids’ rooms.

Crucial Safety Elements in Trio Bunk Beds


Guardrails are among the most important safety elements for bunk beds. Without guardrails, there is no hindrance between the bed and the floor to prevent your kid from rolling over. Each bunk must have guardrails on each side for added protection, especially for younger children. You may skip adding them to the bottom bunk if your child is old enough. Yet, the top and middle bunks MUST have guardrails to ensure safety.


Though all bunk beds in the UK and Ireland do not come with a stairgate, it can be necessary for families with hyperactive children. If your child loves to get out of bed and jump around, adding a stairgate offers added safety.

Proper Ladder

Getting to the top bunk is not possible without a staircase or a ladder. Typically, staircases are preferred for young children sleeping in trio bunk beds. However, you can opt for a ladder if you do not have enough area to place a staircase with the bed. The ladder must be joined to the triple bed with steps at least 20cm apart and 3cm wide.

Besides the basic structural details, you must ensure that the material is anti-slip and the ladder has handles for stable climbing. Moreover, opting for a slanted ladder makes it easy to climb to the top. At the same time, you can improve the functionality of the bed ladder with add-ons like sensor-sensitive LEDs to avoid accidents.


If you think your kids are young and may harm themselves by hitting their heads on the guardrail, removing it is not the right choice. Instead, add cushioning to the guardrail to avoid accidents while adding extra safety for your kids.

Safety Finish

Paints are an important part of the triple bunk beds’ aesthetic appeal but can be hazardous to young kids. Most paints contain toxic materials that are not best suited to children. So, look for manufacturers that use lead-free and low-VOC paints to ensure your kids’ health while they enjoy a sound sleep.

Mattress Safety

Sometimes, parents buy bunk beds and mattresses from different sellers. As a result, the mattress might not fit the bed structure and leave spaces that are not per the recommended guidelines. Regardless of where you buy the mattress from, it should not be shaky or unstable. Instead, the mattress must be sturdy and fit the bed’s frame properly.

Safety Tips for 3 Beds Bunk Beds

Regular Maintenance

Your triple bunk bed UK might be perfect when you buy it, but that does not mean it’s free from hazards. Beds are usually assembled with nuts that might loosen up over time or lose their strength. Despite precautionary measures, it is quite common for the bed to experience wear and tear over time. Thus, it is important to examine the beds every few weeks and fix them when needed.

No Young Kids in the Upper Bunks

Mostly children love the top bunk and want to sleep there, especially when sleeping in 3 bed bunk beds with slides. While we understand the excitement, children under six are not encouraged to sleep in the top bunk because of several reasons. Firstly, they are at a higher risk of choking or rolling over when sleeping. Secondly, they might trip over while climbing down the bed at night. So, it’s suggested to keep younger children in the bottom bunk or get a toddler bunk bed.

Keep the Bed Away from Sockets & Appliances

It’s quite common to have ceiling fans or lights to cover the whole room, but because of its height, this is not the ideal location for a bunk bed. Make sure to keep the bunk bed away from a fan or electric sockets to avoid hazards. Also, do not place the triple bunk bed UK next to a window, as it may result in mishaps, especially with young kids.

Do Not Hang Anything near the Ladder

Children often like hanging organizers and book holders on their beds to keep important things at an arm’s distance. However, hanging anything on the bed can be dangerous. While it is not suggested, it is important to be cautious if you do. Always hang the organizers on the free end of the bed away from the ladder or staircase to avoid tripping over while climbing down the 3-bed bunk beds.

Only One Person in a Twin Bed

Unless you get double-size triple bunk beds, only one person should sleep in the bed at one time. The beds usually have a considerable weight limit, but children might play or fight on the bed and harm themselves. So, you must ensure that only one child stays or sleeps in the top bunks at once.

Restrict Climbing up the Slide

Slides are exciting, but often, kids use them to climb to the top bed instead of only sliding down, which can cause potential harm. Thus, children must be restricted from climbing up the slide and must use it only to slide down. At the same time, tell them not to jump from one bunk to the other and to use the staircase or ladder.

When buying triple bunk beds in the UK, consider the safety tips and manufacturing details. Following these tips will help you ensure that your child is protected and avoid accidents.

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