L Shaped Bed With 14 Drawers



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Make this a double (Top bunk)

Drawer Colour:

Vinyl Names:

Stair Side: *

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This is our L shape bunk with 14 drawers. This bunk is two standard-size single beds (90cm x 190cm). It also comes with four drawers in the stairs and ten drawers for storage underneath the top bunk. All dimensions are listed below.

The colour of the drawer fronts can be changed to suit your room in the options above. And a customised rail can be added for an additional cost to suit your space.

A stairgate and slide can be added for an additional cost which can be viewed on the accessories page.


Bed Frame:

240cm width

175cm height

200cm depth

Drawers x 10 :

45cm width

17cm height

35cm depth

The slide will add on 40cm width (not included in the price)

Single mattresses (90cm x 190cm) not included

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