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Creating the perfect furniture business is no easy task and MK furnishings was built thanks to a large amount of hard work, dedication, and the relentless need to provide the most reliable service in the industry.

We started with the idea of being a lead provider of comfortable bed designs for kids, and the business grew to a much larger scale with kids and adult beds being part of our catalogue.

One of the main reasons why we have been involved in this business for such a long time is that everyone in our team loves the process of manufacturing a bed. Be it the twin bed, the fulton bunk bed, loft beds with desk, camp bunk beds, or even more interesting and advanced designs such as the kids bed with slide, we are constantly looking to upgrade our services to ensure the best results.

We are committed to the creating of amazing beds

One of the reasons why we continue to grow as a team is the fact that we are constantly looking for ways to upgrade our service. There is nothing more important to all of us than the process of evolving and becoming better at what we do with each day that passes.

We have been involved in projects of all kinds with customers who have asked for I shaped bunk beds, childrens beds with storage, captains bed styles, pine bunk bed designs and many others. This has been a very important part of our growth as a business and it has allowed us to achieve the best results

Our commitment has been so embedded into our lives that we have formed a very special bond. This bond is strengthened by the fact that we know that our collective efforts allows us to make a living by doing something that we enjoy. This is not only important for us as a team, but also for the longevity of what we do for a living.

We have made it our mission to provide optimal beds for people of all ages and for both genders. We have girl’s bund beds, doll bunk beds, pine bunk beds, sofa bunk beds, and all kinds of custom jobs that we have done over the years.

This has served to keep us motivated and to continue to push us forward as we are able to get through the boundaries that often limit business ventures that get stuck and do not move forward.

Maximizing space is crucial

One of the things that we consider to be most useful and reliable about the work we do is that our bunk beds help parents with the process of maximizing the space in their child’s rooms. This is very important for parents who have two or three children, but they only have one room in their house.

We have been working tirelessly to ensure that our beds are going to be optimal for the process of maximizing space. This has show to be very important in the way that we are able to handle the creation of kids furniture in general. It has also been one of the main factors why our customers have decided to choose us for their bed purchasing needs.

Our team is focused on affordable quality

We have the philosophy of providing the highest quality furniture at the most convenient prices possible. We like to give value to our furniture and our beds by seeing just how durable and comfortable they are for our buyers.

This is without a doubt one of the main reasons why we have worked very hard to keep the process of our beds as accessible as we can in order to allow a larger audience to find some options within their budget.

Some of the cheapest bunk beds that we have are incredibly high quality and durable, so you can expect that even the lowest prices beds are going to be an excellent choice.

Our team has a division that is in charge of ensuring that the best materials are always used when creating new beds, but we also look for the most beneficial source for those materials to cut back on the cost of the final product.

Creating captivating bed designs

When a team is able to create a perfect synergy at work, the days are going to be more productive and the creativity is going to be soaring. This is easy for us to see when we are able to come up with some bed designs that have made people give praise our selection of designs.

It has been essential for us to be able to get involved in this business with the possibility of creating new things that people find original, colourful and attractive.

We are in it for the long haul

One of the things that separates MK furnishings from the competition is that we all see this as a long term profession. None of the team members is seeing this as a temporary job and this means that we all share the same level of dedication to this process.

If you are looking for a team that works in perfect harmony and with a common goal of customer satisfaction, you will find that MK furnishings is the optimal choice for this purpose.

We are always looking to upgrade the services that we offer and we guarantee that the level of dedication and the attention to detail that we give to each bed are always going to be part of our bed manufacturing process.

Customer service is the core of our business strategy

We know that our customers are the most important component of our business. We are constantly looking for ways to upgrade our business in order to help each person that is in need of a bed for their children or for their own. This is why we have managed to stay in business for such a long period of time and we plan to continue providing an amazing service for people in every area of the UK.