Is The Bottom Bunk Better Than The Top Bunk In A Bunk Bed?

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As a parent, you always consider your children’s needs even when buying a piece of furniture for their room. However, after you buy that bunk bed they had been asking you to purchase for their room, you realize there’s more – the battle of choosing the bunk of their choice!

Other than siblings, this is an important concern in hostels and dormitories with double or triple bunk beds. Students are often confused between the bed’s top and bottom bunk in 2 or 3 tier bunk beds. Usually, people opt for the bottom bunk as it saves them the trouble of climbing the top bunk.

So, is the bottom bunk better than the top bunk in a bunk bed?

This article provides a detailed analysis of the top and bottom bunks to help you choose the right one according to your preferences and requirements.

Factors Influencing the Choice of Bunk in Bunk Beds


Privacy is one of the most important factors in a bunk bed, as you share the bed with one or more people. Considering that the bottom bunk in a 3 bunk bed is more exposed to visitors and other people in the room, they might sit on your bed instead of directly climbing to their bunk. Thus, the bottom bunk is not the best choice if you prefer privacy. However, sometimes, people in the top bunk also think that their privacy is compromised because everyone can see what they’re doing in their bed.


The bottom bunk offers better accessibility than the top bunk, as you do not have to climb the bed frequently when you need to go out or want something from another part of the room. Again, this accessibility also means more people might use the bottom bunk when you’re not around.


While it is usually not the most common criterion when choosing a top or bottom bunk in a hostel or dormitory, it can be important for people who feel hotter or colder than others. Heat typically rises to the top, making the top bunk in 3 tier bunk beds a better choice for people who prefer warm, cozy sleeping environments.


Most rooms have lights in the ceiling that illuminate the whole room. However, because the top bunk is closer to the ceiling, it received better lighting. At the same time, people in the bottom bunk can place a table lamp, which is not convenient for top bunk sleepers. Thus, the choice of top or bottom bunk based on lighting may be different for everyone.


Generally, you’d think sleeping on the top bunk reduces the noise reaching you, but it might not always be so. If you have another floor on top, the noise may not be less. Instead, people prefer sleeping in the bottom bunk in such situations. So, selecting the bunk bed according to noise reduction may not always work the same way.


The electric controls in triple bunk beds are usually closer to the ground, giving people in the bottom bunk bed more control over the lights and fan speed in the room. Though it must be a mutual decision, individuals sleeping in the bottom bunk do not have to ask others to switch on or off the lights, fans, etc.


While the comfort depends on your preference, most people find the bottom bunk more comfortable. You have ample space to sit and sleep. Also, sitting in the bottom bunk seems more comfortable as your legs are not hanging in the air (unlike top bunks).


We understand that some people are more hygienic than others, which is why this is a crucial point to mention regarding the choice of the bunk bed. As the bottom bunk is more exposed, those sleeping in the top bunk might also step on your bedsheet to climb to the top. So, if you’re more concerned about hygiene, the bottom bunk of a 3 bunk bed may not be the best pick.


If you’ve ever thought that you might fall off the top bunk or it might collapse, you may not be entirely wrong; there’s always a chance of hazards. The lower bunks are suitable for people with a fear of heights and concerns about falling off the top bunk. At the same time, the bottom bunk might suffer the most in case the bed collapses.

In case you’re still unsure if the top bunk is a better pick for you or the bottom bunk, consider the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Pros and Cons of Top Bunk

Pros of Top Bunk

  • Top bunks in 3 tier bunk beds offer better lighting.
  • They are more suitable for people who prefer a warmer sleeping environment.
  • The top bunk offers more privacy than the bottom bunk.
  • These beds are typically cleaner as no one else sits or climbs them.
  • You get a bird’s eye view of everything happening in the room.

Cons of Top Bunk

  • You cannot easily access the sockets and depend on others.
  • Lower bunks in triple bunks feel more spacious and comfortable.
  • Climbing the bed can be annoying at times, especially when you’re in a hurry.
  • You might trip from the top bunk, potentially hurting yourself.

Pros and Cons of Bottom Bunk

Pros of Bottom Bunk

  • People sleeping in the bottom bunk get easy access to everything.
  • Bottom bunk sleepers do not have to climb the bed every time to get something.
  • You do not have to worry about falling and hurting yourself.
  • Lower bunks feel less congested and offer more head space.
  • Easier for young children to get in and out of bed.

Cons of Bottom Bunk

  • Top bunk sleepers might use your bed to climb to the top.
  • Activities in the room most impact sleepers in the bottom bunk.
  • While you may not fall from the top bunk, the lower bunk is more susceptible to damage if the bed collapses.
  • You have to turn on or off lights and fans per need.

While the top bunk in 2 or 3 tier bunk beds is perfect for privacy and hygiene, the bottom bunk removes the trouble of climbing the bed and makes everything more accessible.

Choose what suits your needs and preferences best to enjoy a comfortable sleep in a triple bunk bed.

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