How to Make Your Small Room Look Less Cluttered with Bunk Beds (and Other Tips)?

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Living in a small room can be hard when you don’t have enough space to store multiple pieces of furniture. This means less space to keep your important things safe. Sharing small rooms can be more challenging when you cannot keep a larger bed for a comfortable sleep. Plus, placing 3 beds in one room in the UK is not practical either.

Thus, bunk beds can help you improve the look of your small room. This article covers helpful tips and ways to make your small room look less cluttered while maximising space with double or triple bunk beds.

Choosing the Right Bed

Selecting the right bed for your small room is critical to ensuring enough space for movement. Some of the best choices of beds for small rooms include:

Single Bed

If you live in a room alone, a single bed is the best choice. It takes way less space than a queen- or king-sized bed, allowing you to leave space to move around instead of covering up all the space. These beds are equally good for adults and young children. However, single beds are only suitable for one person.

Bunk Beds

Two-tier or standard bunk beds have two beds on top of each other. They’re better for two siblings or roommates sharing a common space. Instead of sharing a double bed, it offers individual sleeping places for both. At the same time, you do not have to worry about a large bed in a congested room. Bunk beds with stairs also have ample storage space in the steps to keep books, clothes, toys, etc.

Triple Bunk Beds

Sleeping on a double bed with two other people is quite uncomfortable as you have to share your personal space; triple bunk beds in the UK are perfect for three people living in one room. These beds have three bunks with stairs to climb to the middle and top bunk. The security measures make triple beds quite safe.

When buying triple bunk beds from MK Furnishings, you can customise them to your needs and preferences. You can also add a slide to the bed for younger kids but remember that the top bunk is not recommended for children under 6.

Loft Beds

Loft or high sleeper beds are important additions to the list of suitable beds for small rooms in the UK. In fact, they are among the best picks!

Loft beds have a bed on the top bunk with space underneath. You can climb to the bed via the attached staircase and use the area beneath the bed for other needs. For example, some people prefer placing a study table while others keep a bean bag and a coffee table to enjoy reading time.

Loft Beds with In-built Tables

Loft beds also have built-in tables that occupy less space than traditional work and study desks. Depending on your preference, these tables comprise a wooden plank across the length or width of the bed; these tables take minimal space, allowing you to maximise space utilisation. Keep a small couch, bookshelf, or cabinet in the remaining area.

Loft Beds with Drawers

If you’re wondering, “I don’t want a table, but more storage space,” loft beds with drawers are your dream piece of furniture for a small room. Loft beds with drawers have a high sleeper bed on the top bunk with a large wardrobe or multiple drawers in the bottom area. Keep your clothes, bedding, books, and everything you want to organise.

Toddler Bunk Beds

Toddler bunk beds in the UK are ideal double or triple bunk beds for kids when setting up a small room for toddlers. They help prevent possible accidents because toddlers sleep in the top bunk, taking up much less space than a standard bunk bed. At the same time, kids can climb the bed independently because of the bed’s height.

Additional Ways to Increase Space Utilisation in Small Rooms

Utilising available space without cluttering your room is an art that makes it look more spacious and sophisticated. Here are some other ways to utilize space without congesting the room:

Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are excellent for rooms with little space for a cabinet or shelf. Small shelves can be mounted on an available wall to store important things. They may not be the best choice for clothes and bedding, but they’re perfect for books, accessories, and other items.

Storage Organisers

Storage organisers can be your best saviour if you cannot add shelves to the wall. You can easily hang them on a wall with a nail or attach them to the triple bunk bed’s side; make sure it’s not near the staircase. These organisers are perfect for accessories and small items you might misplace.

Ottomans with Storage

If your room does not have enough space for 3 beds in one room but room for an ottoman, you can get one that doubles as a chest. Some ottomans are hollow from the inside, and the seat is removable. You can keep large items like comforters and extra electronics in the ottoman, add some cushions, and use them as additional furniture.

Sleek Cabinet

You can get cabinets designed for small rooms according to your available space. Unless you want to store anything thick or wide (the ottoman could be the right fit), sleek cabinets are the way to go. Get a long cabinet made to fit the extra space in your room. Keeping all the extra things will help you declutter your small room.

Easy Space-saving Tips for Small Rooms

  • Replace your standard bed with a loft or triple bunk bed for kids.
  • Do not keep a lot of furniture in the room.
  • Pick multi-functional (space-efficient) furniture.
  • Use organisers to keep everything in place and avoid clutter in small rooms.
  • Attach a foldable table to a wall or the bunk bedhead to save space taken by standard tables.

If you’re looking for a triple bunk bed in the UK, MK Furnishings offers a wide range of multiple designs. We provide white-glove delivery with assembly services throughout the UK and Ireland. Check the delivery details on our Delivery Information page.

Contact us FREE on 0800 8611 437 for queries, information, and orders.

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