Elevate Your Bedroom: Adult Bunk Beds with Premium Features

Adult Bunk Beds

If you’ve always believed that bunk beds are for kids, you’d be surprised to know how many adults prefer bunk beds over standard beds. They help maintain aesthetics while providing ample space for sleeping and storage. Today, advanced technology makes bunk beds even more interesting and attractive, including adult bunk bed loft, built-in power outlets, motion sensor LEDs, etc. They come with numerous features that would make you wonder, “Why did I not know that earlier?”

This article covers various premium features you can get in your bunk bed while you make the best use of available space.

Advanced Technology Features in Adult Bunk Beds

Built-in Power Outlets

Gone are the days when you had to get out of bed to plug your phone into the charger. Usually, people sleeping in the bottom bed have access to bedside power outlets. But what about those in the middle or top bunk?

Built-in power outlets allow you to charge your phone without getting out of bed or needing a power bank. Simply plug your charger into the power outlets in the bed frame and stay worrifree.

Night Light

A night light in your bunk bed may not be a technological marvel, but it’s ideal for people who sleep in the top bunk. Individuals in the bottom bunk can place a night light stand, but the top bunk does not usually have this luxury. Attaching a small night light is excellent for those who like to read a little before sleeping or if you prefer keeping the night light on. It is also excellent for bunk bed with no bottom bunk.

LED Sensor Lights

Besides night lights, LED sensor lights on stairs also make a huge difference. While most parents with young children ask for these lights to ensure safety, they’re also great for adult bunk beds. They help prevent accidents by lighting up as soon as they sense movement; it’s better than tripping off the stairs!

Built-in Speakers

If you like listening to music or a podcast before sleeping but avoid phone screens at night, adding built-in speakers to the bunk bed can be perfect!

You can look for manufacturers offering bunk beds with speakers that can be connected to applications like YouTube and Spotify. This makes it incredibly convenient to listen to your favorite podcast or music without using your phone before sleeping.

Bunk bed manufacturers working with smart technologies also integrate a voice search and recognition feature so you can manage the volume and stop the music when you want. Some apps also have a time limit, and the music would turn off after a specific period.

Attached Screen

While some people avoid screens at night before sleeping, others are habitual of watching TV before enjoying slumber. If you are also one of them, you will love bunk bed with no bottom bunk with screens attached. These bunk beds usually have one end of the bed covered to make a headboard where the screens can be attached. This idea is suitable for adults but not much for young children as they might break the screen unintentionally and harm themselves. However, they’re suitable for grown-up kids.

Beds with Trundle

Trundle beds are another interesting variation that helps maximize space in small rooms. These beds come with an extra mattress under the bunk bed that you can use as additional sleeping space. Trundle beds are perfect for sleepovers with cousins and friends, where you can sleep comfortably after a fun time together.

Adult Bunk Bed Loft

Often underrated, an adult loft bunk bed is such a versatile option. Instead of getting a standard single or twin bed, you can opt for an adult bunk bed loft to maximize space. Mostly, people add a desk to the bunk bed with no bottom bunk for work purposes. However, you must not restrict yourself to that.

Besides a desk, you can also utilize this space to add an LED TV, set up a gaming console, or place a coffee table and chairs below the bed. Though it might sound like the best idea, trust us; it looks fabulous!

Bunk Beds with Storage

When elevating your bedroom with bunk beds, especially loft beds, adding drawers and cabinets can improve the overall storage situation in the room. These bunk beds feature a high sleeper with drawers and a medium-sized wardrobe underneath. Loft beds with storage are the most suitable choice for small bedrooms without enough space for a wardrobe.

Separable Bunk Beds

You might wonder, “This ain’t new!” That’s correct. But we still feel that separable bunk beds are among the most premium among other variants. Whether you want to keep the beds at the same length, transform them into another piece of furniture, or convert the bed into an adult bunk bed loft, these beds are the best.

Memory-foam Mattresses

Besides the physical features of the bed itself, a memory foam mattress is another amazing innovation that ensures comfort during sleep. Most bunk bed manufacturers offer memory foam mattresses, but you might want to discuss what kind of mattress you want.

Now, you can also find mattresses that adjust your body posture to ensure you sleep comfortably. Moreover, they also have temperature settings that you can adjust according to your preference.


If you have been looking forward to buying a bunk bed for yourself but are unsure, think no more. Now, bunk beds are more than a space-saving piece of furniture. They offer all the goodness of a standard bed without cluttering or congesting your room. Trundle beds, bunk beds that can be separated, and bunk beds with no bottom bunk give you plenty of additional space. Furthermore, you can get an adult bunk bed loft with a wardrobe or desk, depending on your needs. If you want more technologically advanced features, built-in power outlets, screens, and speakers are among the favorites. At the same time, LED sensor lights, night lights, and memory foam mattresses are also popular among buyers.

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