Creative Room Ideas with L-shaped Bunk Beds with Slides

L-shaped bunk beds

Often, customers buying bunk beds in the UK, especially 4-sleeper bunk beds, are sceptical about their choice because of the limited space in their room. The lack of space confuses them about managing the area while offering comfortable sleeping solutions to everyone.

In such situations, L-shaped bunk beds are the best pick. They enable you to keep the beds in congested rooms without worrying about the available space.

We’ve explained everything about L-shaped beds in this article, including creative ideas for such beds with slides.

What are L-shaped Bunk Beds?

L-shaped bunk beds have one bed placed at a right angle to another bed, which looks like an “L” when viewed from above. Thus, bunk beds in this arrangement are called L-shaped beds. They feature two bunk beds (usually with twin beds) placed at a right (90-degree) angle to the other bed.

Interesting Ideas with L-Shaped Bunk Beds with Slides

L-shaped Bunk Beds with Slide

The most common and simplest choice when buying an L-shaped bed is the standard L-shaped bunk bed, which is most widely liked with a slide. These beds have two bunk beds placed at a right angle to each other, making four beds in total. They’re a favourite among families with multiple children or those hosting frequent sleepovers.

Quad beds in an L-shape usually share a staircase with large drawers to keep books, toys, and other things. They also have drawers underneath the bottom bunk to store bedding, clothes, and other things. Moreover, you can add a slide to the bed to make it more fun and interesting for kids.

Double and Single L-shaped Beds

Besides L-shaped beds with four beds, MK Furnishings offers L-shaped bunk beds with a double and single bed. A single or twin bed on top of a double bed under it is one of the most common choices of bunk beds for three children; two can share the bottom bunk, and one sleeps on the bottom bunk. Alternatively, it is also suitable for small families; parents sleep in the bottom bunk, and the kid sleeps in the top bunk.

These beds also have bedside tables, drawers, and shelves to maximise functionality and add to the aesthetic appeal of the L-shaped bunk bed. The top bed has a high railing for maximum protection, and the slide offers a fun element. You can choose from different railing designs and colours for the drawers according to your choice.

L-shaped Bunk Beds with Drawers

This can be your best pick if you do not want a double or quad bed and are looking for two beds in an L-shaped bed. The bottom bunk is placed vertically under the horizontal top bunk. As the bottom bed does not take up all the horizontal room under the top bunk, you can maximise this space by adding drawers.

L-shaped bunk beds with drawers are popular among parents who want ample storage space with the bed. Our L-shaped bunk beds with drawers have up to 14 drawers to keep things safe and organised.

L-shaped Bunk Beds with Wardrobe

Did you say, “Why don’t these beds have a wardrobe?” We heard you!

Besides drawers, you can also get a wardrobe in the L-shaped bunk beds at MK Furnishings. The drawers are replaced with a double-door wardrobe where you can keep your clothes, bedding, or anything else you prefer. It is perfect for small rooms where you do not have separate space to keep a wardrobe. However, that does not mean we remove all the drawers; you still get four drawers in the staircase. Also, the bottom bunk has drawers for additional storage space.

Loft-Style L-shaped Bunk Beds

If you haven’t thought of the combination of an L-shaped bunk bed and a loft bed, this fusion will definitely surprise you!

Loft-style L-shaped beds have two beds on the top bunk at a right angle. However, the area beneath the top bunk does not have beds. Instead, the space is empty, and you can place anything. For example, you can set up a gaming system or place a table with chairs. The beds also feature a staircase and slide for children to climb up and slide down easily.

L-shaped Bunk Beds with Desk

Besides L-shaped bunk beds with drawers and wardrobe, loft-style bunk beds in L-shape also come with a desk in the bottom space. You can add a traditional desk with a chair for study time. Alternatively, you can get a desk made of a wooden plank fitted into this L-shaped bunk bed with desk. It is ideal for kids and adults looking for a desk to work or study.

L-shaped Cabin Beds

Cabin beds are among the best picks for L-shaped bunk beds for young kids. They are smaller than regular bunk beds and come in interesting designs. These beds offer individual sleeping spaces for young children and encourage independent sleeping. Children can easily climb up these beds without the need for adult help.

Safety Precautions with L-shaped Bunk Beds

  • Children must not jump from one top bunk to another, even when placed closely.
  • Only children above 6 should sleep in the top bunk, while younger kids should sleep in the lower bed.
  • Kids must not use the slide to climb to the top bunk.
  • The top bunk must have sturdy, high railings to ensure the safety of children sleeping there.
  • A single bed is only suitable for one kid, and multiple children must not sleep in it.
  • Do not keep the bed near a window; it can be a hazard.
  • Avoid hanging anything near the staircase, as it might cause accidents when climbing up and down the bed.

MK Furnishings offers white-glove delivery and assembly of L-shaped bunk beds throughout the UK and Ireland. Check the delivery details on our Delivery Information page.

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