Complete Guide to UK Bunk Bed Sizes

UK bunk bed

Besides all the other important factors, the bed size makes a huge difference when buying a bunk bed for your room. The bed and mattress size make it easy to pick the right bed according to the available space. Whether you want to buy a triple bed, a children’s bunk bed with trundle, a themed bed, or any other, the dimensions are crucial to ensuring the bed fits your room properly.

This guide compiles all the UK bunk bed and mattress sizes to help you make the right decision.

Types of Bunk Bed Sizes

While typically double and 3 bed bunk beds come in single beds, also known as twin beds, there’s much more. You can also find most of these beds in a double or queen-sized variant for adults. Furthermore, some designs combine both beds to offer better solutions to your sleeping needs. The two standard sizes of bunk bed mattresses are:

Single/ Twin

The single or twin bunk bed has a structure spacious enough for a single or twin mattress. These beds are typically used for young children and teenagers, sometimes adults. Most hostels and dormitories also have single or twin beds. The standard twin bed mattress size is 90 x 190 cm.

Double/ Queen

You might also see bigger beds when buying a bunk bed. These queen or double beds are best suited for adults or two children sleeping in one bed. Many parents prefer queen bunk beds for children in less-spacious rooms compared to quad bunk beds. However, it is suggested to use each bunk for one person only. The small double or queen bed comes in 120 x 190cm, whereas a double bed mattress is 135 x 190cm.

Bunk Beds with Single Mattresses

Now that you know the measurement for each type of mattress usually found in bunk beds, you can choose from multiple bed designs and options.

Bunk Bed with Stair and Slide

The simple bunk bed is a two-tier bunk bed with one single bed on top of a double bed. It allows you to provide sleeping space for two individuals in place of one single bed. These beds use two single/ twin mattresses for the top and bottom bunk. They are the most suitable bunk beds for 7 foot ceilings.

  • Width: 280cm
  • Height: 175cm
  • Depth: 1m

Triple Bunk Bed

The triple bunk bed is an advanced version of the two-tier bunk bed as it has one more bunk. These beds are best for families with three children. Triple bunk beds require three single mattresses for all beds.

  • Width: 230cm
  • Height: 165cm
  • Depth: 200cm

Trundle Bed

Adult and children’s bunk beds with trundle have an additional mattress under the bunk bed, ideal for families that host frequent sleepovers. The trundle bed under the bottom bunk slides out when needed.

  • Width: 240cm
  • Height: 175cm
  • Depth: 1m

An extra 1 m for the trundle bed

Quad Bunk Bed

Another popular single-bed option among bunk beds is the quad bunk bed with four beds. It comes in a parallel and an L-shaped variant. This bed requires four single mattresses of 90 x 190 cm.

  • Width:35m
  • Height: 175cm
  • Depth: 1m

High Sleeper Bunk Bed

High sleeper bunk beds, also known as loft beds, have a bed on the top bunk and space underneath it. You can place a table in the bottom space or add a wardrobe or drawers to the available area. The beds come with stairs adjacent to the bed, but you can choose to have them in the front.

  • Width: 240 cm
  • Height: 175cm
  • Depth: 1m

Playhouse Bunk Bed

The playhouse bunk bed has a single bed in the top bunk and space underneath. The bed design features windows and a door cutout to give it the look of a playhouse; you can choose from multiple color combinations. Children can play and study in the bottom area. However, this bed does not come in a 3 bed bunk bed variant.

  • Width: 240cm
  • Height: 175cm
  • Depth: 100cm

Slide will add on 40cm width

Bunk Beds with Double Mattresses

Besides single mattresses, many bunk beds come with a queen or double-sized mattress for adults. Some of the most common types of bunk beds with double bed mattresses include:

Double Bunk Beds

Like single beds, you can find standard bunk beds in double or queen-sized mattresses as well. These are more suitable for adults and teenagers who find single beds uncomfortable. They require a double bed mattress of 140 x 190cm.

  • Width: 240cm
  • Height: 175cm
  • Depth: 140cm

Double Bunks High-sleeper Beds

The double high-sleeper bed is perfect if you do not have enough space to add a table or wardrobe beside the double bed. Depending on your needs, it has a double bed in the top bunk with ample space underneath to place a desk, closet, or console.

  • Width: 240cm
  • Height: 175cm
  • Depth: 140 cm

Bunk Beds with Single and Double Beds

Now that you know the designs and options for single or double bed mattresses, it is worth mentioning that some beds combine a double and a single bed.

Single & Double Bunk Bed

The single and double bunk bed has a single bed on top of a double bed. While these beds are ideal for parents in the double bed and their kid in the top bunk, they are also a hit among siblings. Many people get these beds for three children sharing one room. However, these beds require a single mattress of 90 x 190 cm and a double mattress of 140 x 190 cm. They’re the perfect bunk beds for 7 foot ceilings, especially in bigger families.

  • Width: 240cm
  • Height: 175cm
  • Depth: 140cm

Single & Double Trundle Bed

If you’re looking for a step ahead of the single and double bed, the single and double trundle is the perfect pick. These children’s bunk beds with trundle come with a single bed, double bed, and a trundle bed you can pull out whenever needed.

  • Width: 240cm
  • Height: 175cm
  • Depth: 140cm

An extra 1 m with the pull-out trundle

Princess Themed Beds

Princess-themed beds at MK Furnishings are incredibly popular among young girls who love living like princesses. These beds, which have a double and a single bed, have two tall shelves that make them look like a castle. You will need a double and a single mattress for this bed. However, the princess themed bed does not come in a 3 bed bunk bed option.

  • Width: 240cm
  • Height: 170cm
  • Depth: 240cm

Now that you know the standard single and double mattress and bunk bed sizes in the UK and the bed dimensions, we hope you can easily choose the most suitable bed for your needs.

Get in touch with MK Furnishings for further queries and orders.

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