Bunk Beds Vs Standard Beds: Which is Better?

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While humans initially slept on the ground and floor back in the day, beds have become essential to our lives. Whether you live in Europe, Asia, Africa, or America, you’ll find beds in almost all homes.

A bed is generally defined as a structure with four legs and a mattress. They are made from different materials and in multiple designs to meet your requirements.

However, recently, bunk beds with double and triple bunks have also become popular. Families with small houses now prefer bunk beds over standard beds to maximize space.

Thus, many customers ask us, “Should I buy a standard bed or a bunk bed?” Often, the choice is simple, but sometimes, customers are stuck making the right choice.

What are Standard Beds?

Cambridge Dictionary defines a bed as “A large, rectangular piece of furniture, often with four legs, used for sleeping on.”

Usually rectangular, beds come in various sizes, materials, and heights. You can buy a platform bed, round bed, loft bed, bunk bed, or any other depending on your needs and choice.

Types of Beds According to Size

Single or Twin bed

These beds are 90×190 cm in size and suitable for one person at a time. You can also get a small twin variant of 75×190 cm for young kids and narrow bunk beds.

Queen bed

The Queen bed, also called a small double, is usually 120×190 cm and best suited for two people. Moreover, the double bed uses a 135cm x 190cm mattress.

King bed

King-sized beds are longer than single and queen beds; their dimensions are 150x200cm.

Super king bed

Super king-sized beds are the largest, with a width and length of 180×200 cm. Though they are intended for two people, three people can also sleep on them.

When Should You Buy a Standard Bed?

Ample Space

Standard beds are the best pick when you have enough space in your room and do not have to worry about maximizing utilization using bunk beds for a small room in the UK. Choose a single, queen, or king-sized bed according to your need and enjoy a sound sleep.

Living Independently

Single beds are the perfect choice when you’re living alone, as they make your room look bigger and offer more space for other pieces of furniture. Though a double bed might not be the best choice when sharing a room, individuals or families living independently find them perfect; they’re best suited to couples and siblings.

Prefer Aesthetics

MK Furnishings ensures the beds are aesthetic while being functional. However, there’s no lie that bunk beds cannot be as customized as standard beds. You can get beds made in the material and shape of your choice, attach a canopy, or anything else you like. So, these beds can be a better choice than bunk beds if you’re a fashionista!

Small Families

While double or triple bunks are popular among families with multiple children to maximize space, smaller families may not need them. If you have enough room to place beds for yourself and your kids, go for a standard one-level bed.

What is a Bunk Bed?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, bunk beds are “Two beds fixed together with one on top of the other.”

All bunk beds have the basic structure of a tall bed with multiple sleeping levels. However, depending on your needs, you can choose from multiple sizes and bunk options.

Types of Bunk Beds According to Size & Levels

Single Bunk Bed

A single bunk bed refers to a bunk bed with two bunks on top of each other. Both the beds are 90x190cm, which is the single or twin bed size.

Double Bunk Bed

A double bunk bed is similar to a single bed in design but differs in size. It uses double mattresses in place for a single mattress with the dimensions of 140×190 cm.

Single and Double Bed

Single and double beds have a single bed on top of a double bed. They are perfect bunk beds for a small room for three people.

Triple Bunk Bed

Triple bunk beds have three single beds typically stacked on each other. MK Furnishings in the UK also offers triple bunks for rooms with low ceilings; the two-tier triple bunk bed has one bed horizontally placed on top of two vertical single beds.

4-Sleeper Bunk Bed

4 sleeper or quad bunk beds comprise four beds arranged parallel or in an L-shape. The beds have a shared staircase to not take extra space and maximize utilization.

Cabin Bed

Cabin beds are narrow bunk beds designed for small spaces, especially for children. They feature a sleek ladder that takes minimal space. These beds come with storage underneath the bed.

High Sleeper Bed

High sleeper beds or loft beds have a bunk bed with space underneath. You can utilize this space to keep a table or cabinets for storage.

Themed Bed

Themed beds are another popular type of bunk bed for children; choose from playground, castle, or villa-themed beds for your kids.

When Should You Buy a Bunk Bed?

Large Families

If you have a large family with numerous kids, bunk beds are the best choice. They offer ample space to accommodate multiple kids in one room without compromising sleep quality. Separate bunks also offer privacy to each kid.

Room Sharing

Bunk beds are also ideal for room sharing as they allow you to sleep independently instead of sleeping on one bed. Thus, you will also find bunk beds in hostels and dormitories.

Cost Efficiency

Bunk beds are cost-efficient when looking for sleeping options for multiple children. They save you from buying numerous kids. Instead, you can get multiple beds in one for a fraction of the cost.

Storage Efficiency

Bunk beds for a small room in the UK usually have ample storage compared to standard beds. While the latter might have cabinets underneath, bunk beds often have multiple storage options. From drawers under the bed to massive spaces in the staircase to side tables within some bed frames – the options are endless.

If you’re looking for a bunk bed, MK Furnishings offers a wide range of multiple designs. We provide white-glove delivery with assembly services throughout the UK and Ireland. Check the delivery details on our Delivery Information page.

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