Bunk Beds for Every Room Layout

Bunk beds for adults in the UK

With the increasing need for space-efficient furniture, bunk beds have become the top priority in the interior design world. Bunk beds for adults in the UK use vertical space while offering more free floor space. Their ability to make a room spacious by providing sleeping space for more people in less area makes them suitable for every room layout. Moreover, wooden or metal bunk beds provide various storage options like pullout drawers, side shelves, and even integrated workspaces.

Whether you’re looking for kid’s themed bunks, luxury adult bunk beds to furnish a guest room, or sharing a room with your teens in a compact apartment, we listed all the possibilities in this guide below. Let’s move ahead and see which style of bunk beds is the perfect fit for your room layout.

Bunk Bed Designs Suitable for Different Room Layouts

Trundle Bunk Beds

Trundle bunk beds are ideal for people looking for a bunk to save space but also don’t want to risk their kids climbing up and down the bunk ladder. Also, you can easily find trundle bunk beds for adults in the UK. Trundle beds give a modern vibe while saving much room space for other furniture. Whether decorating a kid’s room or adding new furniture to the guest room, a trundle bunk bed is all you need.

You can also get a double trundle bunk, especially when more than two children share a room. However, the only hassle will be pulling out and pushing in the trundle. To counter this issue, you can opt for a metal trundle, making the task pretty easy.

L-Shaped Bunk Beds

L-shaped bunk beds are versatile as they can accommodate at least three people at once while providing an integrated working/study space at the bottom. You can get a customized full cupboard if you need extra storage room. L-shaped luxury adult bunk beds in the UK can best use any empty corner in every possible room. You can choose from triple or quad L-shaped bunk beds according to your needs.

No matter the layout of the rooms, an L-shaped bunk bed is suitable for every room, even a small room or an open-concept living room. Additionally, it looks stylish and complements a modern furniture theme.

Loft Bunk Beds

Nobody would like to miss the charm that a loft bunk bed can instantly bring to a compact room. Loft beds are the top priority for people living in small or studio apartments to make the most of the limited room. Most loft bunk beds in the UK include a working table at the bottom with some storage space. However, you can also find the ones that include a cupboard, storage drawers, and an integrated study table. Eventually, a loft bunk saves up a lot of room space by eliminating the need to add separate furniture pieces.

Apart from a single-person room, you can add two or more loft bunk beds in a bigger room to accommodate 2 or 3 people with everything they need.

Full-Over Queen Bunk Beds

If you’re looking for a bunk bed style for a room with more open space, then a full-over-queen bunk bed is the perfect option. A full-over-queen bunk looks elegant and gives the room a cozy feel. It provides sleeping space for at least three people, including the two who enjoy a comfortable sleep on the queen-sized bed. It is also an excellent option for a guest room that accommodates couples staying with kids at your place.

In addition, you can add storage units for decoration pieces or make a bookshelf to keep your favorite books near you.

Full Over Quad Bunk Beds

Are you confused about how to use that wide wall in the children’s room?

Whether kids, teens, or adults share a room, a quad bunk bed can provide a bed for each one. Place the quad bunk by the broadest wall in the room or the wall wide enough to fit two beds’ length. The quad bunk will best use the wall while leaving the rest of the room for other furniture.

Choose quad bunk beds for adults in the UK with stairs or storage shelves in the center for extra storage. The middle stairs or shelves look like bunk beds split rooms, giving each of the four people sleeping on the beds a feeling of personal space.

Modern Bunk Bed Styles

Multifunctional Bunk Beds

Bunk beds serving more than their basic purpose are a dream for all space-savvy people. You can look for luxury adult bunk beds with a study table and a built-in bookshelf on one side of the bunk. Or you can get bunk beds for kids with pullout drawers in the staircase and under the drawer. These extra drawers will be great storage for children’s toys and school gear.

Bunk Beds with Slides for Kids

Kids and teens are forever ready to play on a slide, whether daytime or night. They love to slide down the bed during their free hours and slide out of it in the morning, so bunk beds with slides are always a done deal for their parents.

Bunk Beds Room Dividers

Bunk beds room dividers are not just out of the ordinary but also equally chic and eye-catching. Moreover, room divider bunk beds split room, allowing each person to have personal space while sharing the room. It is an excellent option for dormitories and roommates sharing a single-room apartment.


Bunk beds for adults in the UK are gaining popularity since people started being space savvy. Among different space-saving furniture options in the market, bunk beds are the most commonly used. Whether you’re looking for bunk beds for a guest room, a studio apartment, or a dormitory, a children’s shared bedroom in the UK, you will find a suitable design for every room. The above designs and styles of bunk beds cater to the needs of different room layouts, so get the one that matches your and your room’s needs.

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