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Have to say really pleased with service. Tripple bunks are as described on web page. They were delivered and put together by MK furnishings. They are solid ,comfortable and I would highly recommend.
Quality is excellent! Bedroom looks lovely. Thank you
Amanda Carvin
Amanda Carvin
Excellent service Girls love their new triple bunk beds Thank You!
Victoria Beattie
Victoria Beattie
Brilliant bunks, safer staircase access to top bunk. Our boys love it.
Highly recommend. Absolutely love the bed . Quicker delivery than I thought , friendly guys . A+++++++
Mrs Bowie
Mrs Bowie
The communication and customer service of this company are fab. They were helpful and friendly. The beds themselves are amazing, our girls love them. They are sturdy, practical, space saving, all the things they promise. Very happy girls and parents.
Gary Tweedie
Gary Tweedie
A very well manufactured bed and goes together to be very sturdy. Built it up myself and after 3hrs 30 mins I could then see why MK Furnishings charge £60 to build it up for you. Delivery time was earlier than said and got a call to ask was this OK and 2 lads lifted all boxes up into bedroom in around 10 mins. All in all it has made 2 little boys that happy they spent most of night in they're bedroom long before bedtime 😀. Thank you MK Furnishings
Great service all round! Great quality bed lovely design and our daughter is so delighted with it! Thanks so much
Excellent service from start to finish.. j have e happy boys
Ordered the triple sleeper, very easy to order, however when they left and I could inspect the bed properly there is a few faults, firstly the top bunk is obviously longer, so the mattress dosent for right, then there’s no actual headboards to stop pillows falling off, then there’s the big square hole in the middle that a small child could fall into, the draws in the bottom bunks have no runners or guides so end up pushed in and don’t look the best when like this, I pointed out my main 2 concerns and asked if they could make a box for the top bunk and a lid for the hole as I felt they were safety issues, yes sure they could, but wanted £65, tried to point out that in my opinion these made them dangerous, they wouldn’t budge over it

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Kids Bunk Beds With Storage:

If you want all your bunk bed needs to be fulfilled in a single place, then you are on the right platform.

Mk furnishings is a modern bunk bed store where you can shop multiple types of bunk beds at a reasonable cost. We usually deal in a princess bunk bed, bespoke kids beds, mid sleeper bunk beds, bunk beds for kids, and shorty bunk beds. Our brand is notable because we provide all the customizations including assembly of the bed feature, bed color, cutouts selection, stairs, drawers, and their colors. We have been working for a long time in this domain and dozens of satisfied clients all around the UK.

Below we are going to have a brief look at what we provide.

Princess Bunk Bed Collection:

If you want your princesses to enjoy a good sleep on a comfortable princess-themed bed, then our princess bunk bed category can be a good option for you. This is the best option if you want to treat your baby girl like a princess. You can customize the theme of the bed according to your girl’s favorite color, stars, or any other thing which your daughter dreams of.

Now a days, every girl wants to live her life like a princess, hence gifting them a beautiful royal theme princess high sleeper bed can be very adorable for her. These beds are specially designed considering elegancy, safety, and smart use of all the space. Comfort is our uttermost priority for which we use high-quality materials so that your girls can have a good sleep for an energetic day. In this category, we also provide princess high sleeper bed and princess castle bed on your demand. To view, our collection of princess bunk bed or princess castle bed do visit our themed bed section.

Bespoke Bunk Beds:

If you have congested space or want a bund bed of custom dimensions, then do not worry we also provide bespoke bunk beds. These custom bunk beds are a great option for you if you want each dimension of the bed according to your choice like shorty bunk beds etc. Custom bunk beds are considered a little premium because of being stylish and blend of the other beds. But the premium custom made bunk beds cost, you will surely get in return in form of luxury and style. So, to get yours’ now, just visit the relevant section on our website for more details about custom made bunk beds. We will try our best to provide you a bespoke kids beds at a reasonable cost.

Themed Bunk Beds:

To make the room of your kids even more attractive, you can explore the themed bunk beds option we offer. Every kid has their own imagination, then suppose if you will be able to get translated that imagination into a bunk bed for him, how much he will feel lucky. This section was introduced just because of the idea to get the dreams of your kids’ portrait in their themed bunk beds. One thing you need to note that the theme of the bed should be carefully selected because you cannot change it again. So be careful to select the theme which your kid wanted truly.
You can also select the theme on your own based on your kid’s perception and gift that bunk bed to them on his birthday. This will be an amazing birthday gift which you will never regret. The themed bunk beds we provide are made from high quality material by our skilled workers to get the exact stimulation of your kid’s ideas translated on the bed. Go and check out themed bunk beds section now to order your bed.

Mid sleeper bed with stairs:

Last but not the least, we are going to talk about the description of mid sleeper bed with stairs. These are one of their kind. They are exclusively made for the primary aged kids who are growing and learning new skills. Mid sleeper with stairs is perfect for the kids which need more space for their activities as this bed provides ample space. This bed provides a good middle size between a normal bed and a high sleeper bed. It provides fun and flexibility higher than a normal bed yet being safe for the kids.

Mid sleeper bunk beds need to be considered which you have a premium space available. This bed can have a wardrobe or study desk incorporated into it. You can have heart cutouts or other decorative edges depending upon your choice. Mid sleeper with stairs is a totally elegant masterpiece that can make your kid’s room magical. These beds are designed to last long and perfect for sleepovers.

Our highlights

We are one of few brands which focus on making customers instead of just short-term profit. That is why we provide premium products along with customer services for your satisfaction. Our agents are always able to respond to your queries, tackle procedural issues, and provide other customer support services free of cost. We have hired customer agents who are highly trained to handle customer issues.

Along with the premium products, we charge very reasonable prices for the bunk beds for kids. Along with the discounted prices as compared to the market, we also focus on providing such payment methods which are easy to access. We cover all the Ireland and UK deliveries including the fitting of the beds. We follow all the safety regulations advised by officials to ensure the safety of our products. We used excellent quality moisture resistant engineered board for the bed’s production. We use premium delivery services so you can get your product as soon as possible. Along with the express delivery, we also provide a solid refund policy to get yourself secured. For the details of the delivery timings and refund policy, feel free to visit the respective section to get more details.

There are all kinds of beds that we sell at MK furnishings and they are all created with the same level of attention and care. When you purchase any of our beds, the quality levels that you expect are always going to be our priority.
The following is a list of the bed categories that we offer and we guarantee that we have the same results when it comes to the dedication that we give o each piece that we have available.

Bunk Beds With Mattress

The bunk bed is a very popular item that is constantly requested by customers, but sometimes they wish they could get bunk beds with mattress included. There are many situations when this is not possible, but at MK furnishings, we guarantee to our customers that they will be able to find this bundle for an easier and more affordable option.
Princess beds

The bed for your daughter can be one that is going to be extremely important to choose wisely. We have the best choice for princess beds that are going to be ideal for your child. We have several types of designs and colours that are going to allow you to make a decision based on the kind of things that your child likes.

Kids Bedroom Furniture

Having the right kind of bed for your child is great, but making sure that you can also have the best furniture is also going to be essential. This is the reason why we have a great selection of kids bedroom furniture for you to choose from.

Childrens Single Beds

Sometimes parents just need to find childrens single beds as they have one or two kids that want to have separate beds. We have a great selection of beds that you can choose from and this is going to make things easier for you when you are looking to choose a good single bed for your child.

Short Bunk Beds

There are some bunk beds that are meant to be as short as possible to avoid any accidents with younger children. We have a selection of short bunk beds that are going to be ideal for your needs. The main thing to keep in mind is that these beds are also great for older children.

Wooden Bunk Beds

Some people don’t like the idea of buying a metal structure for their bunk beds and this is the reason why wooden bunk beds are such a great alternative. Our catalogue includes a large number of wooden bunk beds that are going to be ideal for parents who prefer to purchase wooden beds for their child’s room.

Kids Cabin Beds

The cabin bed has become one of the most popular choices for many parents who have found this type of bed structure to be safer and more practical for their children. We have a vast selection of kids cabin beds that come in different style and colours.

Adult Bunk Beds

We don’t only have bunk beds for kids at MK furnishings and our adult bunk beds are extremely popular too. There are many homes in the UK that have bunk beds for teenagers and even for parents.

Bunk Bed Mattress

The type of mattress that you get for your bunk beds is also going to play a major role in how much comfort is provided to the people sleeping on the bottom and the top bunks.
Kids beds with storage

Some parents are going to be very interested in the idea of purchasing a bed that has storage options. This is ideal if your child has many toys and gadgets that require storage ad you feel that their room does not have enough space in the closets.

The best thing about this kind of bed is that it can be very easy to ensure that your child is going to keep the room in order. This alone is one of the reasons why kids beds with storage have become such a popular purchase at MK furnishings.

Childrens Bunk Beds

When you think about practical beds for two children, you can help but consider the value and importance of kids bunk beds. This type of bed is always going to be reliable because it saves plenty of space inside a room and it can also be a fun type of bed configuration for children who share the same room.
Single bunk bed

There are actually single bunk beds and many people are finding them to be ideal for their rooms and they often use the empty bunk to place items or decorations. This is always going to be a good option for people who want to have a bunk bed that is used by a single person.

Kids Double Beds

Kids are often going to want to have their own beds even if they sleep in the same room, so the kids double beds can be a great way for parents to save space in their childs room.
We have a wide selection of kids double beds that you are going to find ideal for your needs. Our catalogue is vast and we have all sorts of styles that you can choose from. You can also show what we have to your kids to get them involved.

Bunk Bed With Slide

If you want to have a bunk bed configuration with a very fun twist, you can purchase the bunk bed with slide and this is going to be an excellent choice. These beds have become extremely popular all over the UK as they provide a certain fun factor that is not found in other bed models.

Kids Bunk With Stairs

There are all kinds of beds that children can have in their rooms but very few options are going to be as great for space as the kids bunk with stairs. This is one of the reasons why so many parents in the UK are looking into this and considering it to be the perfect way for them to get the right kind of results for their needs.

Why are kids bunk with stairs so popular now?

Many households in the UK don’t have more than two large rooms and this makes it a difficult situation for parents that have 2 or 3 children.
The main thing to consider with this is that there is often going to be very little space for the parents to have for their children and this means they will need to find beds that are going to be ideal for this purpose.

Affordable Beds

We have cheap beds for those who are looking to find something that is ideal for them but it’s also going to be very affordable for their needs. We have a great selection of affordable beds that are going to be perfect for those who are on a tight budget.

Check out our catalogue and let us know what kind of bed you want!


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